PT Satya Mitra Waspada conduct a professional and assured recruitment process. We invite individuals who are dedicated to join us.

To be a security personnel of Satya Mitra, there are criteria that must be met. This process is to shape security members that are disciplined, responsible, and professional.


Basic requirements:


Minimum education high school / equivalent.

Participants must have completed high school education / equivalent at the time of registration, attaching a copy of your high school diploma / equivalent that has been legalized.


Ideal height and weight.

Minimum height for men and women participants is 168 cm, with ideal weight to height ratio, and proportionate posture.


No tattoos / piercings.

Participants must be clean of tattoos and piercings, this is to keep company professionalism.


Not involved in drug abuse.

Participants must be free from drug abuse. Urine tests will be conducted for all participants prior to the next stage.


Never involved in crime.

Participants must attach a valid Police Notes (SKCK).


Pass medical check-up

Participants will be tested for congenital disease / infectious disease / color blind / clear speech and hearing.


Pass a psychological and mental test.

Participants must be physically and mentally healthy.


Pass basic training.

There are three basic training that must be followed, participants declared passing successfully when finish all training with a score above the minimum.


Come and join the big family of Satya Mitra


Send your application and cv to:

Menara KADIN Fl.30 Kav.2-3 Blok V
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, Jakarta Selatan 12950
Telp. (021) 5289 1947, 7918 3267 Fax. (021)7987 123